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Welcome to the Arcotherm spare parts department.

Here you will find an ever-growing list of all of the spare parts available for your Arcotherm heater.

We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and to do so, we believe that as well as supplying you with a quality heater we should also be able to supply any parts required for that heater. Most parts are in stock and can be despatched the same day (Provided the order is sent through by 1pm). 

If the spare part you are looking for does not yet appear on the website, please contact the office and a member of the team will be able to help you on 01773 836 999.

Please scroll down to see all parts currently listed on the website.

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GE65 Seal Kit

Seal kit for the Arcotherm GE65 heater. ..


GE90/GE105 Nozzle

Nozzle for the Arcotherm GE90/GE105 heater...


GP10 Outlet Grill

 GP10 Outlet Grill..


GP105M Outlet Grill

GP105M Outlet Grill..


GP18 Inlet Grill

 GP18 Inlet Grill..


GP30 Outlet Grill

 GP30 Outlet Grill..


GP30M Fan

 GP30M Fan..


GP30M Nozzle

 GP30M Nozzle..


GP30MDV Motor

 GP30MDV Motor ..


GP30MDV Solenoid Valve

GP30MDV Solenoid Valve..


GP45 Fan Motor

 GP45 Fan Motor ..


GP60M Motor

 GP60M Motor ..


GP65 Fan

 GP65 Fan..


GP65 Handle

 Handle for the GP65...


GP65M Inlet Grill

 GP65M Inlet Grill..


H T Cable Connect 1000mm

 H T Cable Connect 1000mm for the Arcotherm EC85 heater...


H T Leads

 H T Leads for the Arcotherm Jumbo heater range...


H T Leads

 H T Leads for the Arcotherm Jumbo heater range...


H.T Transformer GP

 H.T Transformer GP..



Handle for the Arcotherm EC85 and GE105 heater. ..



Handle for the Arcotherm EC55, EC40 and GE65 heater...



 Handle/Support for the Arcotherm EC22, EC32, GE36 and GE46...



 Hose ..


HT Transformer

 HT Transformer ..


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