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Tigerloop Kits

Arcotherms tigerloop kits are available in standard and advanced.

The Tigerloop standard kit works with the following Arcotherm heater range: 

  • EC
  • GE
  • Jumbo
  • Vertigo
  • Phoen  

The Tigerloop advanced kit works with the following Arcotherm heaters:

  • EC55
  • EC85
  • GE65
  • GE105
  • Phoen 110
EC/GE Tigerloop Kit

Single pipe external fuel tank connection kit with de-aerator. The tigerloop kit for the following A..


Tigerloop Standard Kit - Oil Heaters

The Tigerloop Standard Kit can be used for the following Arcotherm heater range:ECGEJumboVertigoPhoe..


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