Heater Servicing

To get the best from your Arcotherm heater we recommend you get your heater serviced at least once a year, this ensures your heater is reliable and efficient.

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Reasons to get your heater serviced

  • Excessive smoke and partially burnt fuel deposits can cause soot to form within the combustion chamber, restricting the amount of heat that can be transferred into the structure. The cleaner the heater burns, the more efficient the heater will be.
  • Oil nozzles regulate how much oil passes through the burner. The nozzles are a consumable item that wears over time affecting combustion and lowering heater efficiency. If they are not replaced, they could cause sooting up of the combustion chamber due to too much fuel passing through the burner.
  • Photocells can get dirty with deposits. Photocells are an important safety feature which detect whether the burner has lit. If a photocell is dirty it may not be able to detect the burner flame correctly and could cause the heater to shut down randomly.
  • Electrodes can wear and attract soot and deposits. Electrodes produce a spark to light the fuel, if they are worn or in poor condition the heater may not light or burn erratically. causing inconvenience, inefficiency and increasing fuel cost.
  • Fuel Filters can get blocked with debris from contaminated fuel, Blocked filters may restrict fuel delivery and cause the burner to run erratically or fail to light
  • The seals on the fuel filter can harden and loose there flexibility with age this could lead to air leaks on the filter assembly