Confort 1G Industrial Cabinet Heater - 30Kw (230v)

Out Of Stock Confort 1G Industrial Cabinet Heater - 30Kw (230v)

The smaller of two models, the Confort 1G cabinet heater has an output of 31kW (105,000 BTUs / Hr), and is ideal for workshops, car showrooms and retail outlets; the unit has an air outlet, with adjustable louvres, which can be turned through 360°.

The heater has an integral 65 litre fuel tank which is capable of supporting approx 15 hours continuous running; however, the built-in room thermostat, with a range of +5/+30°C, controls the rooms to the required temperature.

The operation of the Confort 1G differs to the ECs / GEs in that the Ecoflam burner pre-heats the combustion chamber, prior to the centrifugal fan dispersing the heat; the unit is equipped with both fan and limit thermostats, and an electronic flame control sensor.

A "summer / winter" switch is fitted to provide fresh air in the warmer weather.

Upon receipt of your heater you will receive an e-mail with a link to your warranty registration form; upon submission, and subject to your heater having been serviced in line with Arcotherm Terms and Conditions, the Confort 1G will carry a 3-Year "Big Five" Warranty. Please read the Arcotherm Ts & Cs on our website for further information.

For further information regarding the Confort 1G, or other products in the Arcotherm range, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Arcotherm sales team.

Heater Dimensions
915mm x 510mm x 1965mm
Packaged Heater Dimensions
970mm x 540mm x 1645mm
Product Weight
151 Kg
Packaged Weight
153 Kg
Heating Capacity
30 kW
Heat Efficiency
90 %
Air Flow
2,400 m³/h
Fuel Consumption
2.93 l/Hr
Tank Capacity
65 Litres
Electrical Power
677 Watts
  • ₤1,900.00

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