LPG Gas Heater

GP85M Direct Fired LPG Heater 41kW - 85kW

The GP85M has a Piezoelectric Ignitor, a Thermal Flame Detector, Safety Thermostat and for many years has been the automatic choice of the Tool Hire Industry.

GP105M Direct Fired LPG Heater 49kW - 108kW

The GP105M is a Direct Fired Dual Voltage LPG Heater; heat output from 49kW (167,000 BTU/hr) to 108kW (368,000 BTU/hr) and as with all direct fired heaters, should only be used in well ventilated areas.

GW32 Direct Fired LPG box Heater 15kW - 31kW

The GW32 is a direct fired radiant LPG heater requiring no electricity and working solely from an LPG cylinder.