EC Range

EC Range

The EC range of Arcotherm heaters is an extremely popular range of indirect oil fired heater and a heater we sell all year round. The popularity of this range means that it is important to stock not only the heaters but also a wide range of spare parts to satisfy customer demand. 

This section allows you to purchase your chosen spare part online. If the part you are looking for is not currently listed, the chances are that we do have it in stock so please contact the office and a member of the team will be on hand to help you with your enquiry.

Parts diagrams are available from our media library or on request by contacting the office on 01773 836 999.

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20 AMP Fuse

20 AMP Fuse for the Arcotherm GE105 and EC85 heater. ..


240v Motor

 240v Motor for the Arcotherm EC55 heater. ..


260mm Pipe

 260mm Pipe for the Arcotherm EC55, EC85, GE65, GE105 and Phoen 110...


6x30 - 6AMP Fuse

6x30 - 6AMP Fuse for the following Arcotherm heaters:EC22EC32GE36GE46 ..


Button Protector

 Button Protector for the following Arcotherm heaters: EC22EC32EC55EC85GE36GE46GE65GE105 ..


Control Box Cover

 Control Box Cover for the following Arcotherm heaters:EC55EC85GE65GE105Phoen 110 ..


Danfoss BFA-01-R3 Pump

 Danfoss BFA 01 R3 Fuel Pumpto fit Arcotherm models :EC22EC32GE20GE36GE46..


EC & GE Micropipe

 Micropipe for the following Arcotherm Heaters:EC22EC32EC55EC85GE36GE46GE65GE105 ..


EC Wheel Cover

Wheel cover to fit Arcotherm EC model wheels:EC22EC32EC55EC85..


EC Wheel Holder 20mm

EC Wheel Holder 20mm for the following Arcotherm heaters:EC22EC32EC55EC85 ..


EC22 Electrodes

1 Pair of electrodes to fit the Arcotherm EC22 heater...


EC22 Indirect Oil Fired Heater - 19Kw (230v)

The smallest of the EC range, the EC22 has an output of 19kW (65,000 BTUs / Hr) and is ideal for use..


EC22 Service Kit

 The EC22 service kit contains: 1 x Filter (I30414)1 x Nozzle (T20338)2 x Electrodes (E102..


EC22/32 Wheel

Wheel to fit the following Arcotherm EC / ge modelsEC22EC32GE36GE46200mm Diameter20mm Axle fitting..


EC25 Electrodes

1 Pair of electrodes to fit the Arcotherm EC25 heater...


EC25 Filter

 Filter for the Arcotherm EC25 heater. Please note we no longer sell the Arcotherm EC25 he..


EC32 Electrodes

1 Pair of electrodes to fit the Arcotherm EC32 heater...