Jumbo Range

Jumbo Range

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Filter Housing

 Filter Housing for all Jumbo, Phoen and Farm Arcotherm heaters...


H T Leads

 H T Leads for the Arcotherm Jumbo heater range...


Jumbo 150M Indirect Oil Fired Heater - 151Kw (230v)

The Jumbo 150M Indirect Oil Fired Heater produces an output of 151kW (518,000 BTUs / Hr); however th..


Jumbo 200M Centrifugal Belt

Fan Drive belt to fit the Arcotherm Jumbo 200M heater when fitted with a centrifugal fan...


Jumbo Main Switch

Main select switch for Arcotherm Jumbo models:-Jumbo 115Jumbo 150Jumbo 200..


Jumbo Wheel Holder

 Wheel Holder for the Jumbo 115M, Jumbo 150, Jumbo 235 and Jumbo 200M. ..