Jumbo Range

Jumbo Range

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The thermostat is an ideal way to control the temperature of your heater. The thermostat can be used..


Thermostat Socket

 Thermostat Socket for the following Arcotherm heaters:GE36GE46GE65GE105EC22EC32EC55EC85PHOEN 1..


Jumbo 150M Service Kit

Jumbo 150M Service Kit contains: 1 x Filter (T20206)1 x Nozzle (T20341)1 x Electrode (E10250)1 ..


Jumbo 115M Service Kit

Jumbo 115M Service Kit contains:1 x Filter (T20206)1 x Nozzle (T20333)1 x Electrode (E10250)1 x Seal..


Jumbo 200M Service Kit

Jumbo 200M Service Kit contains: 1 x Filter (T20206)  1 x Nozzle (T20342)  1 x E..


Jumbo 150M & Jumbo 200M Stainless Steel Flue

The Arcotherm stainless steel flues are fitted onto the chimney of your Arcotherm heater. The f..


Tigerloop Standard Kit - Oil Heaters

The Tigerloop Standard Kit can be used for the following Arcotherm heater range:ECGEGPJumboVertigoPh..


Jumbo 90°x200mm Stainless Steel Elbow

The 90°x200mm Stainless Steel Elbow fits the Jumbo 150, Jumbo 115 and Jumbo 200. ..