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Jumbo Range

Seeger Ring

 Seeger Ring for Arcotherm Jumbo heaters...



The thermostat is an ideal way to control the temperature of your heater. The thermostat comes compl..


Thermostat Socket

 Thermostat Socket for the following Arcotherm heaters:GE36GE46GE65GE105EC22EC32EC55EC85PHOEN 1..


Jumbo 150M Service Kit

Jumbo 150M Service Kit contains: 1 x Filter (T20206)1 x Nozzle (T20341)1 x Electrode (E10250)1 ..


Jumbo 115M Service Kit

Jumbo 115M Service Kit contains:1 x Filter (T20206)1 x Nozzle (T20333)1 x Electrode (E10250)1 x Seal..


Jumbo 200M Service Kit

Jumbo 200M Service Kit contains: 1 x Filter (T20206)  1 x Nozzle (T20342)  1 x E..


Jumbo 150M & Jumbo 200M Stainless Steel Flue

The Arcotherm stainless steel flues are fitted onto the chimney of your Arcotherm heater. The f..


Tigerloop Standard Kit - Oil Heaters

The Tigerloop Standard Kit can be used for the following Arcotherm heater range:ECGEJumboVertigoPhoe..


Jumbo 90°x200mm Stainless Steel Elbow

The 90°x200mm Stainless Steel Elbow fits the Jumbo 150, Jumbo 115 and Jumbo 200. ..


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