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Heating by radiation generates no movement of air, and therefore reduces noise and the disturbance of dust.

Indirect Oil Fired Heaters are most commonly used in the marquee / event / temporary structure industry.

A direct fired heater is 100% thermally efficient, and does not separate out the by-products of combustion

The heater has an integral 65 litre fuel tank which is capable of supporting approx 15 hours continuous running.

The GW32 is a direct fired, radiant LPG heater, requiring no electricity and working solely from an LPG cylinder.

Outputs heaters ranging from 13kW (52,000 BTUs / Hr) to 27kW (108,000 BTUs / Hr)

Outputting heaters between 20-30kw are ideal for "spot" heating in workshops, construction sites, etc...


Outputting heaters between 50-110kw are perfect for horticulture, construction, and the heating of workshops, foundries.

Heavy Duty 111-200kw heaters for horticultural and agricultural applications