110V Infrared Building Dryer

110V Infrared Building Dryer

110V Infrared Building Dryer | Available to Hire - £246.31 Weekly Hire Rate

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Developed to improve wet-trade productivity and reduce the occurrence of post build mould.

One of the biggest challenges in new builds is getting block work and plaster dry enough for the next stage of work. When that is delayed your construction schedule goes to pot. Traditional drying methods include use of fans, heaters and dehumidifiers which are time-consuming partly because they can only be run during normal working hours. What's more if you try and accelerate the drying process it can lead to cracking and feathering in plaster and incomplete drying of block work leading to redecoration post occupation.

The Infra-Lex Mobile Dri-IR® provides a cost effective speedy alternative that dries the parts that other methods struggle to reach. Using infra-red technology to silently halve like for like drying times compared with ambient. The Mobile DRi-IR® can be left on 24/7 safely in a vented room without a dehumidifier providing an additional 16 hours drying time per day compared to traditional drying technologies.


  • Faster drying of block work resulting in earlier dry-lining and decorating
  • No 'feathering' or 'cracking' of plaster resulting from the drying
  • 1 x Mobile Dri-IR® is sufficient for a room up to 12m²
  • 110V, 0.725kW, 6.6A so can be used with on-site power generation
  • Robust, durable stainless-steel construction
  • Can be handled by one person with minimal training
  • Running costs of £2.50 per day (@14.5p/kWh)
  • No accessible part of the unit gets hotter than 50°C
  • Silent so can be used in occupied buildings