240V Infrared Corner Building Dryer

240V Infrared Corner Building Dryer

240V Infrared Corner Building Dryer | Available to Hire - £118.31 Weekly Hire Rate

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Developed to solve damp issues post build & for water/flood damage situations, whilst allowing continued occupation of premises.

One of the biggest challenges with snagging is drying out those difficult to reach corners especially post occupation when there are fixtures and fittings, children and pets to take into consideration. What if there was a solution that could run silently, 24/7, at low cost and in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods?

The Infra-Lex Corner Dri-IR® uses safety tested and fully compliant infra-red technology to reduce the 'like for like' drying times by 6 x compared to ambient drying. It can be operated safely 24/7 with a vented room without a dehumidifier - even with children and pets around. This means drying activity can continue uninterrupted after bed-time.


  • Six times faster drying than ambient
  • No accessible part of the unit gets hotter than 45°C so it is safe for children and pets
  • Running costs of £1.20 per day (@14.5p/kWh)
  • 240V, 0.350kW, 1.5A so up to 7 units can be operated from one power socket
  • Robust, durable stainless-steel construction
  • Can be handled by one person with minimal training